Giving Thanks and Gratitude Journals

It’s that time of the year when the leaves all change colour and many of us are looking forward to the weather cooling down a bit. While I am so very glad for the wonderful summer we had, and that I was able to enjoy a beautiful gardening season, I do also look forward to the Fall season. I hope everyone got a chance to share a heartwarming Thanksgiving earlier this month with their family and friends. Our family was certainly lucky to share this beautiful time with one another.


As I sit down to write this post, I am reminded of the time when my kids were younger. I would often ask them to write in their gratitude journals, or as I called them, "Thankful Journals". They weren't tasked with writing too much at once—just a few quick lines of what they were thankful for that day or that week. I try to make sure I write in my own journals daily. There are a few that I keep at Phidon and at home, and I enjoy taking the time to put my thoughts down. I always make sure to choose brightly coloured inks. One of my favourites to journal with has been Pilot Iroshizuku's Tsutsuji. It's such a cheerful colour and livens up the page a little bit. I also enjoy taking the time to sit down and write a thank you note for someone who has helped me out or given me a gift. It's a fantastic way to show your gratitude by taking a bit of extra time to write a note. Besides, who doesn't get excited about getting a card in the mail, right?


I believe keeping a journal is more that just a memory capsule. It's a great, simple way to be mindful of all the wonderful things that we have in our lives to be thankful for. We are often approached by lots of amazing people for small donations to events that they're running. These people are doing great work to raise funds and build awareness in our community, and I love supporting their work. I tend to choose to put together a small package with a journal and a pen for these events, hoping it will go to someone that fills it up with their own thoughts and experiences. As it gets chillier outside and we all bundle up indoors, I hope you all find some time to make a cup of tea or coffee (or a glass of wine if that's your style) and sit down in a quiet spot to write a thank you note to someone you love and put a few thoughts down in your journal.

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