Happy Mail

February is almost over. It's been a cold, wintery, icy month, and needless to say, I am so looking forward to Spring. In meantime, I'm waiting for a thaw and am so excited to see some bulbs slowly pop out from the ground. It's wonderful to see them adding colour to our days.

Throughout the past month, I have enjoyed InCoWriMo (International Correspondence Writing Month)— writing letters and receiving so many here at Phidon. Our Caran d'Ache contest is almost over and I am excited to go through each card and letter. We will be announcing some winners in the next few days, so stay tuned for that!

It is so lovely to receive some "happy mail" in our mailboxes which are otherwise filled with bills and junk mail. I am always so glad to see a handwritten note come into the Phidon mailbox. The other day, we even had some Royal Mail come in. It was so nice to know that someone is following us from all the way across the pond in the UK. Hopefully, all of you pen & paper enthusiasts were able to make time to bring out your beautiful stationery, fine pens and colourful inks to write some letters.

Some of the letters we have received over the past month—lots of gorgeous envelopes and beautiful stories!

Some of the letters we have received over the past month—lots of gorgeous envelopes and beautiful stories!

I have saved so many of the letters that I have received over the last many, many years. Every once in a while, it is nice to go through some and re-read them. I have some beautiful letters written by my grandfather to me that I saved. It gives me a chance to cherish the times that I got to spend with him during my childhood, times that I spent playing cards and going for long walks with him. Although he passed away almost 20 years ago, his letters are a constant reminder of bygone times which I so cherish.

If you want to add a "local touch" to your correspondence, don't forget to check out what we have in our own backyard! We are so fortunate to carry a couple made-in-Canada line of cards here at Phidon Pens: Gotamgo from Toronto & Refine Mark from Victoria. These are beautifully designed and printed. From blank cards to greeting cards, they have a card for every occasion, to suit each and everyone. If you haven't had a chance to take a look, please do! The teams behind these brands are so talented and we are always amazed by their work.

Here at Phidon, we celebrate all things paper, pen and ink all the time. This is especially true during this month of InCoWriMo, but also throughout the rest of the year. I hope this past month inspired lots of you to send out handwritten notes to your friends and family throughout the year. You can even send some to us at Phidon!

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