InCroWriMo Giveaway Winners

Letters from our winners.

Letters from our winners.

These past few weeks of InCoWriMo has been a blast. We had lots of fun sending out letters, and received so many more in kind. It’s been wonderful reading all the lovely stories that people sent in from all over. Thank you to everyone for entering our February giveaway. Receiving these letters really did brighten up our day!

Congratulations to Andree Chow, Anna MacQueen and John Trebych! You guys are the winners of one of our Caran d’Ache prizes from the giveaway. Your prizes have been set aside for you and are ready for pick up whenever you have time to drop by our shop.

If you’ve been bit by the letter writing bug and want to send out more regular correspondence, don’t forget to send us a few letters during the rest of the year! Reading your stories about your fountain pen journey brought us so much joy and we would love to read more about what you’re up to with your pens and inks.

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