The Growing Phidon Family

We feel so lucky to have the chance to talk to and work with so many young people with a passion for writing, drawing and stationery at Phidon. Each person that we come into contact with helps to remind us that pen and paper is still very much alive and core to our creative culture.

A group picture from our recent dinner at Chez Duggal with our lovely team

A group picture from our recent dinner at Chez Duggal with our lovely team

If you have visited our shop in the past few months, you may have noticed a new face around the store. Thomas, a graduate from the University of Waterloo School of Architecture, joined our team back in February after completing his Master of Architecture studies. Throughout these months, he has not only be incredibly helpful at the front of the store, but also worked hard at creating the beautiful displays for our special events like the Spring Notebook Showcase. We are so grateful for all of his assistance at Phidon and he has certainly added his own unique touch to our shop, just as all of our past and present team members.

Sadly, we already have to say goodbye to Thomas. He will be leaving our team to return to his hometown of Vancouver where he will continue to pursue his career in architecture. Though our time with him was short, he will always be a member of our Phidon family and we wish him the very best in his upcoming adventures. We know he will go far and excel in his future endeavours.

Oh a brighter note, we’re happy to announce the arrival of Madeline, a student from Wilfrid Laurier University who will soon begin her Master of Arts in English in the Fall. We’ve known Madeline for a few years as a frequent visitor to the shop, and can’t wait to know her even better as a team member at Phidon. If you meet her during your trip to Phidon, don’t be afraid to pick her brain about all things pens, inks and paper! We’re sure she’ll have lots to share.