The Phidon 2018 Holidays Gift Guide


It’s that time of year when we get ready to cozy up with family and friends over a mug of eggnog and exchange presents with one another. We actually put up our seasonal decorations a couple weeks ago, so if you’ve been to our store lately, you will see that we are already in a festive mood. Despite the days getting shorter, we love the extra bit of Yuletide cheer that our beautiful tree and shiny gift boxes bring.

If you’re looking to introduce a loved one to the wonderful world of fountain pens, or you want to help someone upgrade their collection, we’ve put together a helpful gift guide to help make your decision-making a bit easier. This year, we’re introducing several promo gift sets, each with a little bit of everything, to help our customers put together a lovely kit so that their recipients can hit the ground running and cherish the joy of writing. While we do have pre-wrapped sets available, we know a lot of you will want to pick and choose the perfect colour combos for their gifts. So for the month of December, these promos will be available as long as you’re purchasing the same combinations of products.


The Budding Writer Set - $25

We believe it’s never too early to get kids started on their fountain pen journey. Pilot’s adorable Kakuno fountain pens have a smiling face etched onto their nibs and are prefect starter pens for kids of all ages (including those of us who are still kids at heart)! Also included in this set is a Pilot Fixion ballpoint pen (hey, mistakes happen!), a Rhodia cahier that’s perfect for handwriting practice, and a pack of Pilot cartridges, so that they can keep on writing.


The Studious Learner Set - $50

School isn’t always easy, but with a good set of writing tools, studying and preparing for exams will be a bit less difficult (and dare we say, enjoyable?). Platinum’s lightweight Plaisir fountain pen makes writing more comfortable, especially for those long, late-night note-taking sessions. Organize important info with a set of double-ended Mildliners from Zebra or fineliner pens from Faber Castell. Also included in this set is an A4 Mnemosyne notebook from Maruman and a duo-pack of Platinum cartridges.


The Busy Bee Set - $75

Keeping a daily journal and staying organized is tough when our days get busy. Luckily, Leuchtturm’s dot-grid notebooks are perfect for use with the Bullet Journal system. For seasoned BuJo users, why not get them a special edition Red Dot or Metallic notebook? Or if they’re new to BuJo, Leuchtturm also has a dedicated Bullet Journal notebook. Also included in this set is a Lamy Safari fountain pen (a perennial favourite at Phidon) and a bottle of Monteverde ink.


The Explorer Set - $100

We know fountain pens can be cumbersome to travel with. It might leak on a flight or you may risk running out of ink. That’s why we love Retro 51’s Tornado Classic Lacquer rollerball pens! Easily as smooth as a fountain pen, but without any of the fuss (even though we think that’s half the fun), this set is perfect for travelers and wanderers. The included Nock Hightower bi-fold has room for three separate pens as well space for pocket notebooks, like the pack of Field Notes that comes with the set.


The Modern Writer Set - $150

Sheaffer’s 300 fountain pens are available in several sleek, metallic finishes that are perfect for the modern writer. This classic pen company has recently updated their lineup with a more contemporary look. Keep the finish on those pens protected with a durable Lookout Pen Holster from Nock Co.. Complete this on-the-go set with a Rhodiarama notebook, available in a variety of colours. Never lose a train of thought again!


The Prestige Writer Set - $275

Platinum’s 3776 Century fountain pen is the ultimate gift for anyone looking to add a premium tool to their collection. These 14k nibs (UEF - C, or music nib for an extra $150) provide a wonderful experience that will keep them drawing and writing for years to come. A fabulous pen like this deserves equally exquisite paper. Bindewerk’s WOOD notebooks are handmade in Germany and perfect for fountain pens use. Also included in this set is a bottle of ink from Robert Oster Signature and a Platinum converter.

The above offers are valid in-store and through phone/email orders from Dec. 3rd to the 24th, 2018.

As with every year in the past, we will be running a Holidays Prize Draw for the month of December. Every in-store purchase made at Phidon between Dec. 3rd to the 24th will be eligible for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate.

With so many different pens and paper choices, it might be hard to decide what to get. If you are still looking for more gift ideas, we are always happy to help you pick out something for even the most discerning writer. Don’t forget, we’ll also be hosting our 3rd Annual Lamy Event on Dec. 8th, as well as the final Phidon x Local pop-up market of the year. These are fun opportunities to get some fantastic writing gifts, especially if you’re looking for something local. We look forward to seeing everyone this holidays season!