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And fingers yearn for pen, pen for paper. A moment... and verses freely flow.
— Alexander Pushkin

Our mission

The act of writing is an exultant invention of human civilization. It proclaims our ability not only to give structure and reality to our thoughts and feelings with words, but to give them actual physical form with the use of an alphabet. It is with this objective that Phidon Pens was conceived. The intent is to present the finest in writing instruments that not only fulfill that yearning for lasting communication, but also to recognize the underlying skill and craftsmanship that so often goes unrecognized. 



A fine pen is proof of living passion; a passion for excellence. It is a proof that exquisite beauty and aesthetics are possible in the most utilitarian of human tools. Its presence is a proof positive that even in our technological age some human activities continue to have meaning and will therefore endure. 



But what good is a pen without a companion in fine paper. We have travelled the path in time for you, from the ancient papyrus to the contemporary eco-friendly recycled paper. Within these two moments in time, we offer a wide range of paper in various forms and shapes for you to feel and experience.



At Phidon you cannot but help admire the beauty of the pens—the feel of their weight in your hands, the sensuous glide of the nib across the paper, the magical formation of meaning through the flow of ink. A fine pen invites you to pause and engage in the moment, and to revel in the act of personal creativity. 

Finally, as you walk into the store, a warm smell of genuine hide will welcome you as we have a small but carefully curated range of leather laptop bags, brief cases and totes to store the pen and the paper.


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